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“Thanks again for the rollercoaster you’ve taken me on!  You could have saved me 40 years of trying to do the wrong thing”.

“Julian is without doubt one of the best teachers I’ve ever had and not only that, he’s one of the best human beings I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. He’s supportive, kind, passionate, and patient, and he gives the best advice. I know that he cares as much about my music as I do and I know that I can trust him, both of which mean so much to me.”

“Julian is a dedicated mentor, who has helped me in shaping my sound and genre into something I am proud to present to the world. With a bright and accepting attitude, Julian had the ability to present to me both my strengths and my weaknesses in order to work on both of them together, in the most efficient way, and make myself a better musician.”

“Julian Marshall is a very committed and conscientious mentor who can get to the heart of a song and offer insightful critique as well as providing an in depth knowledge of the music industry.”

“I found Julian very approachable and willing to help me with my efforts to become a songwriter. I took part in four workshops organised by him and I found them well structured, organised as proper educational tools, not just a gathering of musicians having fun on summer days like other workshops I attended. In our one to one sessions I told Julian about my dreams and aspirations about my songwriting career and his advice gave me confidence and hope that they are within my reach.”

“Engaged, engaging, constructive, convivial, encouraging, positive, stretching when setting assignments, responsive, knowledgeable, resourceful, impressive, experienced. Enough said!!!

My songwriting has come on leaps and bounds since starting sessions with Julian several years ago. 

It’s not just my songwriting that Julian is so helpful with. It’s with all aspects of the music business gained from his own extensive experience in all the industry.”

“Julian Marshall is your song writing tutor from heaven. He is a brilliant musician and brings that skill generously to whatever your project is. He is able to tune into where you are and help you move forward from there. He is fun and funny and wise. Most importantly of all he genuinely loves people, and he genuinely wants and is able to support you to express what is in you. I couldn’t have wished for a more wonderful teacher and coach. With his help I am making music which expresses my heart and is loved by others.”

“Julian has a unique combination of sensitivity, instinct and vast musical knowledge that enables him to surgically dissect and sagaciously communicate the creative process behind songwriting. I am indebted for the invaluable advice and feedback he has given me during my creative journey.”

“Having Julian’s support as a mentor in the last two years has been extraordinary. He has an astonishing breadth of experience in many corners of the vast world of music, and as a result of his unwavering commitment to journeying with me from somewhat broken Artist to releasing an album, I have grown on many levels. Julian is a dedicated, passionate, and skilful mentor with a commitment to realism and excellence, and always comes to our sessions with a light-hearted approach. I would recommend working with him unreservedly!”

“Julian Marshall’s mentoring is perceptive as it is supportive, as motivating as it is gently guiding, and as hilarious as it is deep and wise and true. Altogether, Julian is a top lad.”

“Being mentored by Julian is exactly what I needed! In only a few short weeks he has got me to ask questions of myself and the way I write, that I would never have done if left to my own devices.  His ability to guide you along the path that is correct for yourself, is second to none.”

“With Julian’s expert guidance I went from writing a few lyrics to having the confidence to start creating melodies and in less than 2 years I recorded an album of my own songs! Julian gently encourages and pushes me beyond limits I ever thought was possible for me, and always challenges me to continuously learn and improve. My monthly sessions with Julian are filled with constructive feedback and a lot of laughter!”

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